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How to get relief from period cramps? What to do for period cramps? How to reduce period cramps? How to reduce pain during periods?

Us women have tried different ways to ask Google multiple times for a remedy for our monthly trouble. Many women go through Dysmenorrhea, also known as Period or Menstrual Cramps every month. It’s something we need to talk openly about, and explore solutions in nature that help us reduce this issue.

Since thousands of years, Home Remedies have played crucial role in treating various health problems. But over the last few decades we have gotten really comfortable with pill-popping solutions! As menstruation is a monthly struggle, finding Natural Alternatives and Solutions is a wiser and Healthier choice!


A cup of tea solves everything!

A cup of tea makes everything better from cold to low mood. But have you tried using it to Reduce Period Cramps? Herbal teas like ginger tea, chamomile tea, fennel tea and green tea can reduce period cramps and relieve you from fatigue. Also, it refreshes you and Uplifts your mood.

All Natural Herbal Green Tea


It is so simple, DRINK WATER!

Drinking Water Help in reducing Menstruation Pain

Do you know dinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day can solve half of your health problems?

Not only does it improve your overall health but also makes you feel better by easing the pain caused by bloating during periods as it helps in increasing the blood flow and relaxing muscles.

Exercising during periods

Exercising During monthly periods

Exercising during periods to cure period cramps? Yes, you read it right!!

Even gentle exercise releases endorphins, a brain chemical that increases the feeling of pleasure and wellbeing. It also alleviates the discomfort caused by painful period cramps and relaxes your muscles. Even ten to fifteen minutes of yoga, light stretching or walking might do wonders.

Heat to beat the pain!

A little bit of heat may prove to be an effective method to lessen period cramps as it enhances the muscle elasticity. Laying down with a heating pad on lower abdomen or taking a hot shower help muscle relax, increase blood flow to the uterus and relieve tension from the body.

Vann Mantra all-natural remedy for menstrual problems

Women's Care: Herbal Menstrual Management for Women By Vann Mantra

A huge percentage of the world’s population is struggling with menstrual cramps and other menstrual symptoms. But somehow as a society, we have failed to come up with remedies to help them. We introduce to all an all-natural capsule; a women’s health supplement to help women through their monthly struggles.

Made using 100% pure herb extracts. These Herbal capsules are developed to help women REDUCE MENSTRUATION RELATED ISSUES. These help in reducing period cramps (Dysmenorrhea), regulating periods (Amenorrhea), reducing mood swings, balancing hormones and reducing unpleasant issues like vaginal discharge (Leukorrhea). These are also good for women going through menopausal problems and also for women who have PCOS.