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  1. Spending time with nature can heal, soothe and restore!

 Our lives might have changed with the growing technology and the increasing lengths of the buildings around us. But our brain still greatly benefits from a journey back to nature. Studies have proven time and again that spending as little as 30 minutes in nature every day can reduce anxiety, reduce the stress hormone Cortisol, improve immunity, and improve overall physical and mental health. Various other studies also show that having greener surroundings has resulted in better mental health. 


Jasmine Blossom- Premium Jasmine Tea


We are wired to have a deep connection with nature and nourishing that connection can bring us various benefits. But how do we do that? Spare time each day to observe the sounds, smells, shapes, colors, and textures in nature. When you do this, your brain is able to let go of the constant cacophony of thoughts that torment it. 


  1. Herbal adaptogens are a must!

Stress is something we cannot avoid! But if we give our body the necessary tools to deal with it, we can lead a more peaceful and wholesome life. Adaptogens as the name suggests, help our body adapt to stress! These natural ingredients can reduce mental and physical fatigue, improve your body’s resistance to stress, help recover from long-term and short-term stress and improve the overall immunity of the body!


Ashwagandha Capsule - Vann Mantra

Adaptogens not only help you reduce Cortisol but also help you reduce the health issues that come with a high level of Cortisol in the body. Some Stress relief herbal capsules or tablets that you can consider are Ashwagandha, Holy basil, Lemon Balm, Valerian Root, Brahmi, Turmeric Curcumin, and Licorice root. 

  1. Herbal Teas that reduce stress

When life gives you lemons, add a slice to your herbal tea! Along with various other long-term health benefits, herbal teas are a great way to cope with everyday stress and disturbed sleep. Herbal teas can help you feel calmer by relaxing your nerves. The sweet smell of herbal teas can transport you out of your muddled brain and intro an aromatic experience in nature.


Calming Monk- Relaxing Herbal Tea | Vann Mantra

L-theanine is the main component of herbal tea that reduces cortisol, improves brain function, and improves the quality of sleep. The best herbal teas to reduce stress are Chamomile, Valerian root, Lavender, Passionflower, and Peppermint Tea!

  1. Moving Your way out of stress

 Almost all forms of exercise will help you improve your physical fitness. But what people usually don’t know is that exercise also helps you improve your mental fitness! Studies have proven that people who exercise regularly are less like to have stress and anxiety issues. Exercising helps reduce the cortisol in your body, improve confidence and improve your quality of sleep.


Stress Relief Meditation | Vann Mantra

Exercising also stimulates the release of endorphins and various other hormones that help maintain your mood. Yoga is a good form of exercise to help relieve stress. It does so by increasing awareness of our body, breathwork, and our mind. Some studies have shown that yoga can enhance our mood and has a similar effect as antidepressants. 


  1. Vann Mantra’s stress relief range

 We at Vann Mantra feel that it is important to address mental health issues in today’s time. With everyone experiencing stress on a regular basis without a proper way to deal with it, we decided it was time to fill that gap with natural solutions! Our Calming Monk tea can be used as an herbal remedy that can aid with stress and loss of sleep. This blend of indigenous Indian herbs has been used as an alternative medicine for centuries and adds to the full-bodied flavor of the tea.

Stress Relief Capsule | Vann Mantra

Also, our Herbal Stress Relief capsules are an all-natural remedy to deal with everyday stress and promote better sleep. These capsules help in reducing the cortisol levels of the body and calm the nerves. Further, these capsules also relax the muscles of the body and help to restore brain balance, thus are a natural sleep aid. These capsules have adaptogenic herbs which improve your body’s resistance to stress. 


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Wishing you a stress-free day!