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Healthy immune system means a Healthy Body and Mind. As we are daily exposed to various potentially harmful microbes, it is essential to ensure that we have a Strong Immune System.

Immunity is the body’s ability to resist harmful microbes and safeguard us from infectious disease. Our habits can weaken or strengthen our immune system.

Nutritious diet, mindful eating and regular exercise can help a person lead Healthy Life. With nature, immunity can be built in most effective and efficient manner. Here are some natural ways to Improve Immunity.

Coconut water

Do you know? Coconut water is safe to drink every day!

The best time to drink coconut water is in the morning. It can also be consumed as post workout drink. Naturally refreshing coconut water is loaded with minerals, electrolytes, vitamins and various other important nutrients which Improve Immunity and Boosts Metabolism. It not only detoxifies the body but is also a delicious source of hydration with antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Fresh Coconut Water



Yogurt can be a great way to start your day. It is a good source of lactobacillus, a probiotic which is great for boosting immunity. Good bacteria in yogurt helps to turn organic acids into glucose, lower cholesterol, metabolize nutrients, break down the enzymes, protein and fibers and also kick start the immune system.

Don’t like plain yogurt? Add some refreshing fruits or ingredients of your choice to it and there you go!!

Healthy Fresh Fruity Yogurt Bowl



Looking to improve immunity with natural supplements? Try Vann Mantra’s box of grandma’s immunity secrets. Especially curated to make your choice of immunity building supplements easier.

Premium quality products which help to improve various bodily functions and most importantly body’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses. Blackseed oil is high in antioxidants and is also known as universal healer. Flaxseed oil, rich in omega 3 reduce inflammation and improve immunity. Turmeric curcumin has powerful medicinal properties. Last but not the least Kashmiri Kahwa a combination of rich ingredients like saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, fennel and much more!!


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Eating healthy for immunity is just one step in making sure you stay healthy. You also need to keep your mental and physical health in check.

Exercise is one of the best ways to detox your system and build up your immunity. It increases blood circulation and helps your body fight off infections and viruses.

Also, Inadequate or poor-quality sleep increases your chances of getting sick. Sleeping helps your body heal and regenerate. An adult must get at least seven hours of sleep. Long term stress makes you more susceptible to infections and reduces the immune systems ability to fight off antigens. Exercise can help you improve your quality, thus improving immune system in various ways.

Best Things to do for a healthy life


When we think of citrus fruits what comes to our mind is its sweet, sour and tangy flavor along with its zesty and fresh fragrance that evokes emotions and feelings of refreshment, joy and naturalness. Along with mood lifting properties that help improve your mental health, Citrus fruits are a good source of Vitamin C, a nutrient which gives immune system a boost. It helps in increasing the production of white blood cells which are necessary to fight infections. Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, amla and many more such citrus fruits have powerful antioxidants! 

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