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Fight Menstrual Problems With Nature

Today women are excelling in all the phases. Running business, holding higher ranks in management or working in male dominated industries looks very common now a days. But where big picture seems to be so perfect, in many parts of the world women still struggle with issues which are considered taboo and reflects orthodox mentality of the society. Lack of education, improper health facilities, gender discrimination and much more.

 A huge percentage of female population in the world is struggling with Menstrual cramps and other menstrual problems. In some cases, it is very distressing and need medication. But most of the women do not get much alternatives for the eradication of problem.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, commonly known as PCOS is very common. A research study shows that every one in five women of reproductive age is affected by PCOS. And even after much advancement in research and healthcare industry, we as a society have failed to come up with remedies to help them. As to our surprise the very cause of problem is unknown until now.

Menopause brings with itself many symptoms. Sometimes these are too difficult to deal with. It may even disturb your sleep cycle and can cause anxiety and depression too.

Vann Mantra, a women led startup is a health and wellness company. It believes in providing an All-natural and Herbal Remedies for restoring overall health. And also, for the issues that might be considered too personal or embarrassing. Hence, it developed a complete Women’s health supplement to help women through their monthly struggles.

Women’s care

Herbal Menstrual Management Capsules for women are made using pure herb extracts. These are formulated by Ayurvedic doctors and a research team with over twenty decades of experience with Indian herbs. These help in reducing period cramps, regulating periods, reducing mood swings, balancing hormones and reducing unpleasant issues like vaginal discharge. These are also good for women going through menopausal problems and also for women who have PCOS.


Vann Mantra strongly believes in women empowerment. It employed women workers in factory who manages a full-time job with perfection along with house chores and kids. Not only this it’s packaging designs are also influenced by women around country. Lets get inspired and also inspire everyone.


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